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3 Tips to Help You Honor and Care for Your Veteran Parent


Officially, Veteran’s Day falls on November 11 every year; however, for children with parents who were in the service, every day must feel like Veteran’s Day. Naturally, you would want to pay your respects and offer your parents with the assistance that they need; after all, they have spent their time taking care of you when you were a child, and then they went on to serve their country as well.

If you are looking for ways to honor your parents and how you can effectively assist them, here are some tips from our home care experts at Castle Group Home Care:

  1. Spend time with them. Even if you no longer live with your parents, please don’t forget to spend time with them. Visit them regularly, share a meal together, and have a conversation with them. If they are up for it, ask them to share stories and open up about their experiences while in service. However, please don’t force them to talk about their experiences if it brings too many painful memories. Find other topics of conversation instead.
  2. Allow them to be as independent as possible. Veterans once served and fought for the country and while in service, they are taught to be independent and strong. Due to their training and experience, some veterans may be too proud to ask for help. While you can still provide them with assistance and support, allow them to be as independent as possible. Respect their wishes and if possible, only provide them with assistance if strictly necessary or when they ask you for help.
  3. Volunteer. Another way to honor your veteran parent is by honoring other veterans as well. Talk to your local veterans’ organizations and find out how you can help. If your parent is up for it, ask them to join you as well. This way, they can also help and interact with other veterans like themselves.

Caring for a veteran is a great honor; however, if you find yourself unable to meet their needs and care requirements, we are here to help you. As a dependable provider of Home Care on Main Street Newtown CT, we have a comprehensive Veteran’s Program that you should definitely consider. For further discussion, contact us at 203-364-4478.

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