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5 Tips on Handling Our Elder’s Dementia

5 Tips on Handling Our Elder’s Dementia

The brain is the most indispensable organ in the human body. It functions as a center for coordination where intellectual and nervous activities are processed. As we age, our brain’s performance dwindles. The general disorder that characterizes a persistent decline in mental ability is called Dementia.

Dementia is generally rare in adults younger than 60. However, with increasing age, adults become more vulnerable to this kind of disease. How do we take care of our loved ones who suffer from Dementia? Here are tips we at Castle Group Home Care, a home care in Main Street in Newton CT, have gathered for you:

Know the disease

Preparation is key to any task. Equipping ourselves with the necessary knowledge about the disease is crucial in carrying out our responsibility as caregivers of loved ones suffering from Dementia. Contrary to public belief, dementia is characterized not just by mere memory loss but a spectrum of other types of unpleasant behaviors. This includes malnutrition, anxiety, osteoporosis, and angry outbursts. Thus, having a good grasp of the related health issues that comes with Dementia will help you develop the better approaches in taking care of your loved ones.

Communicate Clearly

Information is something that is harder to process and remember for our loved ones with Dementia. They tend to think poorly and express thoughts difficulty. As caregivers, it is crucial that we learn to cope with these barriers by improving the way we communicate to them. Begin by listening carefully. Make sure that you respond to them clearly as well and in a warm and calm voice. Most importantly, take it slow. Talk about one thing at a time. By being able to communicate clearly, we can ensure a harmonious relationship with our loved ones even with the presence of dementia.

Plan Out Activities

Keeping track of daily activities can be very challenging to our loved ones with dementia. To make it easier for them and for us, caregivers, we must carefully plan out activities we need to accomplish for the week. Writing them down, for instance, will make it easier for us to remember and adjust depending on the condition of our loved ones.

Be Affectionate

In spite the irregularity in mood and behavior, we must not lose affection towards our aging loved ones. It is important that we maintain a harmonious connection with them and make them feel valued. Express support and reassure them that even with the absence of their memory, you would hold on to them dearly.

Understand the Patient

Don’t assert what you think is right for your loved ones without understanding their needs first. Be patient when having conversations with them. Know that their physical limitations do not make them any less of a person. When their words begin to be unclear, analyze their body language. As caregivers, we must always be proactive towards their improvement.

If you and your elderly loved ones need assistance at home, talk to us! We at Castle Group Home Care offers highly competitive, reasonably-priced, and warmly affectionate home-based support for elderly in Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven Counties. The complete roster of assistance we provide for senior patients can be viewed on our website at www.castlegrouphomecare.com.

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