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Caregiver Tips: Managing Elderly Resistance

Caregiver Tips: Managing Elderly Resistance

How do you help your loved one who doesn’t want help at all? There will come a day wherein your senior parent can’t meet their daily physical needs, and so help must step forward. As much as you’d like to be the one to assist in care provision, there will be instances when you are caught up with work and other responsibilities. Caring for an elderly loved one can at times be very challenging, and professional services from home care agencies like Castle Group Home Care can help encourage your senior parent to cooperate in the different services rendered.

The reason behind elderly resistance

The twilight years come at a time where major losses happen. The elderly experiences emotional loss, physical loss, and even mental loss which results in degradation of their well-being. It is in this aspect that your care or that from a Home Care on Main Street Newtown CT needs to step in. However, it can’t be helped that at times your senior parent may be stubborn to such an idea; because it can mean relinquishing their sense of independence and privacy. They also think of it as a sign of fragility, or they are just hesitant to adjust to the new norm. This means that your loved ones will be resistive to any care support given to them.

The best approach to care

There are many available kinds of help you can opt for. Still and all, home care agencies practicing patient advocacy services such as Castle Group Home Care makes you feel confident that your loved ones are in the right hands. You are guaranteed that the caregiver attending to your loved one’s needs are always acting on what’s for their best interest and communicate it with you and the entire family. This means that you have guidance and collaboration in terms of dealing with medical services that are possibly needed. Further, you get the best suggestion in order that you can make an informed action. You can normally expect that the staff of home care agencies will do the following in managing your loved one’s resistance to care:

  1. Assessment of the level of care needed. Home care practicing patient advocacy services doesn’t just step in and provide care services haphazardly. Instead, an honest assessment is initiated so as to check on what level of care your loved ones’ need.
  2. Partnership to care. The dignity and independence of your dear parent are always maintained in high regard. Assistance is only rendered when it’s truly needed, and they are given in the most sensitive way possible. This will ensure that your senior parent won’t feel that other people are intruding on their privacy and self-reliance.
  3. Your loved one’s preference matters. Caregivers always put in mind the wishes of your senior parent with respect to how they wish the care services are to be rendered.

Keeping your loved ones actively involved in the plan of care and ensuring that their wishes are respected will help you win their trust. This way, they are less likely going to be resistive in the care services given to them. It also helps that professionals from home care agencies are tapped so they can deliver services that are truly needed by your loved ones; this will help them become comfortable at home.

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