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How Pets Could Ease Elderly Depression

How Pets Could Ease Elderly Depression

As we age, we tend to feel depressed or lose interest in activities we used to enjoy. For some elders, the challenges of aging could pose a threat not just to their physical well-being but as well as to their mental, psychological and emotional health. The good thing is, depression can be treated. In fact, along with the right treatments, having a companion can be instrumental in the overall recovery of a depressed elderly. We at Castle Group Home Care, a home care in Main Street in Newton CT, believes that by petting an animal, our elderlies can feel a lot better day by day. Here’s why:

  • It Reduces Stress

    Interaction with therapy animals can reduce levels of stress in elderlies. It works by increasing levels of the stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin and reducing the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. Petting animals is in itself a form of social interaction. As such, being able to build connection, express intimacy and kindness lower stress-related reactions.

  • It Increases Physical Activity

    Having a pet motivates our elders to go out and move around. The need to accomplish tasks for a pet such as grooming and walking around helps elders improve their fitness by having an exercise companion.

  • It Stimulates Mental Awareness

    Aside from boosting one’s mood and increasing one’s physical activity, having a pet stimulates our elder’s mental awareness. Having to keep note of the responsibilities that comes with taking care of pets brings back the vitality to their systems. By reading up about their pets allows them to practice thinking and memory skills which begin to slow down as a result of aging. Having pets allows for a building new friendship which allows for regular conversations revitalizes our elderly’s mental processes.

  • It Reduces Risks of Heart Disease

    Although current studies have not proven that having pets directly reduces risks of heart disease, it has a good potential of improving our elder’s cardiovascular health. With increased physical activity, taking care of pets lowers blood pressure, cholesterol levels and incidence of obesity. Taking care of pets also improves our elder’s response to stress and in many situations, in general.

If you and your elderly loved ones need assistance at home, talk to us! We at Castle Group Home Care offers highly competitive, reasonably-priced, and warmly affectionate home-based support for elderly in Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven Counties. The complete roster of assistance we provide for senior patients can be viewed on our website at www.castlegrouphomecare.com.

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